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Here is a list of our one-of-a-kind hotels in Spain.

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  • ILUNION Alcalá Norte Madrid

    ILUNION Alcalá Norte

    Area: Canillejas

    Price from (taxes included.)54.11€

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  • ILUNION Atrium Madrid

    ILUNION Atrium

    Area: San Juan Bautista

    Price from (taxes included.)54.11€

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  • ILUNION Pío XII Madrid


    Area: Paseo de la Castellana

    Price from (taxes included.)48.03€

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  • ILUNION Suites Madrid Madrid

    ILUNION Suites Madrid

    Area: San Juan Bautista

    Price from (taxes included.)54.11€

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  • ILUNION Aqua 3 Valencia

    ILUNION Aqua 3

    Area: La Creu del Grau

    Price from (taxes included.)71.25€

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  • ILUNION Aqua 4 Valencia

    ILUNION Aqua 4

    Area: La Creu del Grau

    Price from (taxes included.)87.40€

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  • ILUNION Valencia 4 Valencia

    ILUNION Valencia 4

    Area: Benicalap

    Price from (taxes included.)54.11€

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  • ILUNION Valencia 3 Valencia

    ILUNION Valencia 3

    Area: Benicalap

    Price from (taxes included.)39.52€

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  • ILUNION Málaga Malaga

    ILUNION Málaga

    Area: Centro

    Price from (taxes included.)64.98€

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  • ILUNION Mijas Malaga

    ILUNION Mijas

    Area: Mijas

    Price from (taxes included.)45.00€

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  • ILUNION Fuengirola Malaga

    ILUNION Fuengirola

    Area: Fuengirola

    Price from (taxes included.)47.81€

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  • ILUNION Barcelona Barcelona

    ILUNION Barcelona

    Area: Poble Nou

    Price from (taxes included.)104.50€

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  • ILUNION Almirante Barcelona

    ILUNION Almirante

    Area: Gótico

    Price from (taxes included.)44.37€

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  • ILUNION Auditori Barcelona

    ILUNION Auditori

    Area: Sagrada Familia

    Price from (taxes included.)49.50€

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  • ILUNION Bel Art Barcelona

    ILUNION Bel Art

    Area: Eixample

    Price from (taxes included.)59.85€

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  • ILUNION Islantilla Huelva

    ILUNION Islantilla

    Area: Islantilla

    Price from (taxes included.)34.92€

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  • ILUNION  Sancti Petri Cadiz

    ILUNION Sancti Petri

    Area: Chiclana

    Price from (taxes included.)36.52€

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  • ILUNION Calas de Conil Cadiz

    ILUNION Calas de Conil

    Area: Roche

    Price from (taxes included.)30.38€

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  • ILUNION Menorca Menorca

    ILUNION Menorca

    Area: Cala Galdana

    Price from (taxes included.)29.10€

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  • ILUNION Golf Badajoz Extremadura

    ILUNION Golf Badajoz

    Area: Badajoz

    Price from (taxes included.)41.60€

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  • ILUNION Las Lomas Extremadura

    ILUNION Las Lomas

    Price from (taxes included.)40.80€

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  • ILUNION Mérida Palace Extremadura

    ILUNION Mérida Palace

    Price from (taxes included.)70.40€

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  • ILUNION Caleta Park Girona

    ILUNION Caleta Park

    Area: S'Agaró

    Price from (taxes included.)35.27€

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  • ILUNION Alcora Sevilla Seville

    ILUNION Alcora Sevilla

    Area: Centro

    Price from (taxes included.)45.60€

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  • ILUNION Bilbao Bilbao

    ILUNION Bilbao

    Area: Centro

    Price from (taxes included.)73.64€

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  • Ilunion Romareda Zaragoza

    Ilunion Romareda

    Area: Romareda

    Price from (taxes included.)44.99€

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Ilunion Hotels

Stay with us at ILUNION Hotels and discover a different world. Adapted 3, 4 and 5 star hotels where you will find everything you need. Our 26 accessible hotels offer you the very best, whether it's a city getaway or beachfront views you're looking for. We have prepared our rooms and facilities to offer you the utmost in comfort combined with state-of-the-art design. Wherever your destination, choose ILUNION Hotels and leave it to us to make your stay unforgettable.